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Operational Plan


In response to the provincial and federal directives to slow the spread of COVID-19, TRIUMF has established a new operational plan, as of March 18, which is subject to change as circumstances evolve. The plan will allow us to accomplish our most important work, while protecting the health and safety of our people.   

For now, we are continuing to operate, with the directive to do as much work as possible from home. Supervisors are being encouraged to be creative when approaching remote work. Our goal is to lower the population density on site to reduce the risk to our community.  

To that end, only authorized visitors and contractors are allowed on site, and they must pass our COVID-19 screening protocol, which is derived from provincial and federal guidelines.  

The following are our key operational prioritieat this time: 

  1. We are conducting mission-critical business activities from off-site locations. We are arranging work-from-home protocols for as many employees as possible to mitigate risk to the personnel and to the lab. 

  1. We are preparing for the cyclotron to start on schedule, in mid April. This will allow us to produce Strontium for medical use.  At present, there is no fall-off in global demand, and we owe it to patients worldwide to keep production going for as long as possible.   

  1. If feasible, PIF/NIF irradiation will be considered for mailed-in equipment. TRIUMF Innovations will manage the balance between BWXT and PIF/NIF. 

  1. We are delaying the start of ISAC until at least June 16, the scheduled start of the muSR program. That date will be re-evaluated as the situation develops. The delay will allow us to train ISAC operators to assist the cyclotron operators. This cross-training will mitigate the risk that we run short of operators. 

  1. The TR13 will continue to run for medical production as long as there is demand from UBC and on-site work can be done with appropriate social-distancing or PPE. 

  1. We are continuing only the highest priority on-site projects. That includes ARIEL and other critical projects as identified by the Divisions. Priority will be given to the health and safety of our peopletherefore, if appropriate social-distancing or PPE is not possible, the work cannot be done. 

  1. We are continuing off-site science activities to the best of our ability.  

  1. For now, on-site science is allowed if it is critical and appropriate social-distancing or PPE can be implemented. Off-site science will be prioritized over on-site work wherever possible. 

  1. Construction of IAMI depends on TRIUMF’s situation. If TRIUMF is operating, and Ventana agrees, construction can continue. If TRIUMF is closed, construction will stop. 

  1. The e-Linac is now in shutdown and the decision on when to restart will be taken at a later date. 

 For TRIUMF's site access Exemption Request Form, please see here: