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COVID-19 Employee Resources and Laboratory Policy & Procedures

This page contains resources to help TRIUMF's community navigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


As the pandemic continues to evolve, TRIUMF’s focus will remain on ensuring the health of our people. It is our collective responsibility to keep each other safe by abiding by the rules and polices undertaken by TRIUMF in response to COVID-19.  

British Columbia’s Restart Plan moves to Step 3 as of July 1, 2021.  TRIUMF continues to review the direction offered by government and will provide regular updates to the community as guidance evolves.   

Step 3 of BC’s Restart Plan represents a major step in the return to normal, with a move from COVID-19 specific responses, to a more general Communicable Disease Prevention approachAs such, the following changes will come into effect July 1st: 

No occupancy limits – all areas on site will no longer be subject to COVID related occupancy limitsthe MOB Auditorium (limited to 50 occupants) and lunchrooms will be open. You can: 

    • Share an office 
    • Sit in adjacent cubicles 
    • Each lunch with a colleague 
    • Host larger, in-person meetings 
Masks/face coverings remain mandatory in all shared indoor spaces (including the badge room) until August 1 to allow more staff to be fully vaccinated 
    • BC Provincial Health recommends face masks indoors for all who are not yet two weeks past their 2nd vaccination
    • Working within 2m of another person will not require an N95; however, a face mask is still required until August 1 
    • After August 1, please respect those who request you wear a mask. Individual comfort levels, circumstances, and health status vary and we must be respectful and safe in our interactions 

Moving forward, continue to maintain good hand hygiene, get vaccinated, and monitor your health. If you are sick, stay home.Any changes in health status must be reported to your supervisor, who will then take appropriate actions following guidance outlined in the TRIUMF COVID-19 Response Plan. You must report a change in health even if you are working remotely. DO NOTCOME TO TRIUMF IF YOU ARE SICK IN ANY WAY.  



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