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COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

This page contains resources and protocols for the Health & Safety aspects of TRIUMF's COVID-19 Response. 

TRIUMF is committed to caring for its people, on site or off, whether we are operating or not. As we monitor the situation and adjust our protocols, the health and well-being of our community will remain a top priority.  

If you have specific questions, please contact Occupational Health and Safety (OHS):

Terry Sanghera (, Ext: 6231 or Cell: 778-929-2697)

Joe Mildenberger (, Ext: 7661 or Cell: 236-999-7984)

Screening and Reporting

In alignment with provincial health authority guidance, TRIUMF has moved to voluntary self-screening and self-monitoring.  

TRIUMF has transitioned from the TRIUMF COVID-19 Response Plan and is now following the measures outlined in the Communicable Disease Prevention Plan TRIUMF asks that our employees collaborate in the effort to prevent the spread of communicable diseases by taking the following actions:  

  • Notify your supervisor and stay home if you are feeling unwell. 
  • Call 811 if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms and follow the medical advice given. 
  • Notify OHS (via and your supervisor if you receive a positive COVID-19 test result. 
  • Communicate to your supervisor any health and safety concerns that you have at TRIUMF. 

Because of the elevated risk posed by COVID-19, TRIUMF will take additional safety measures in the event that an employee tests positive for COVID-19. Should an employee receive a positive test for COVID-19, we require that the employee follow the medical and isolation directives given by the public health authority and immediately contact their supervisor to update them on their health status. The supervisor will then follow the procedure described in Table 1 of TRIUMF’s Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. 

The COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire will no longer be required for visitors and contractors. 

Hygiene and Cleanliness

The health and safety of our community are our utmost priority. As part of TRIUMF's COVID-19 response, we have increased janitorial support to clean common spaces like meeting rooms and lunchrooms. Bottles of disinfectant have been distributed across the site; there are pick-up stations available in the following locations: ISAC I Annex entrance, ISAC II main entrance, Main Office Building reception area, and the Service Annex (outside Room 101 - next to the DRD sign-out station). If there is not a supply in your work area, please contact OHS or Janitorial Services ( 

Personal hygiene is essential during this time. Handwashing, using soap and water, is your best tool against germs and infection.

Working Safely

Working On-Site

In the case of any COVID-related concerns regarding workplace safety on-site, Occupational Health and Safety are available to carry out work area assessments as required.  


N95 masks are no longer required for work where 2 m distance cannot be maintained. N95 masks are still required for protection against identified hazards other than COVID-19. 

Face coverings for on-site work *new

Effective March 23, 2022 the following changes will be in effect: 

  • Face coverings are no longer required in previously mandated indoor environments, such as lobbies & hallways, cubicle clusters, break areas, meeting rooms, etc.
    • People may continue to wear face coverings as a personal choice. Please be respectful of your colleagues and their varying comfort levels during this transition. Consider wearing a mask when requested by others whenever possible.
  • Individuals with specific health concerns should initially work directly with their Supervisors and respective groups. If necessary, issues & concerns cannot be effectively resolved, then contact OH&S or EHS.

However, TRIUMF will continue controlling access to the hallway outside the Driver Control room (as previously posted), and facial coverings are still required when entering that areaAccess to the hallway area outside of the Driver Control Room will continue to be posted and controlled. As before, the phone set up by the “STOP” sign posting (by the DRD computer sign-out desk) must still be used to notify a Control Room Operator of your need to access the area.

EH&S has an adequate supply of N95 masks available should anyone require them. For the most up-to-date information on provincial recommendations for masks and face coverings, please review the BC CDC guidelines.

Indoor workplace ventilation

TRIUMF is keeping abreast of the guidance and recommendations for indoor workplace ventilation by the federal and BC health authorities as well as Worksafe BC. Public Health Association of Canada (PHAC) and ASHRAE have provided some basic recommendations regarding ventilation.  The general agreement is to focus on increasing ventilation and increasing fresh air to help reduce the risk of airborne transmission.  We have implemented the following measures where ventilation systems and controls allow. 

  1. Increase fresh air ventilation - where ventilation systems and controls allow, TRIUMF has increased the proportion of fresh air that is brought into buildings. 
  2. Keep ventilation systems running for longer hours after occupants have left - this is desirable as it allows for a few additional changes of air within occupied spaces and helps evacuate pathogens that may be in the air.  Where ventilation systems and controls allow, we've added an additional 2 hours to the system operating schedules. 

Again it needs to be noted that improving ventilation alone is not an effective means to control COVID-19 transmission and is simply another layer in TRIUMF's defense-in-depth approach. 

If there are any questions or suggestions, please refer them to the COVID-19 Task Force at 

Working Off-Site

TRIUMF must ensure that all employees working remotely are doing so safely. Work Instruction: How to Set Up Your Home Work Station (Document-181068) prepared by OHS provides all staff with guidance for optimizing one's home office environment, including instructions for ensuring proper ergonomics. If you have any questions, please contact OHS.