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Exotic Decay Spectroscopy Group

The Exotic Decay Spectroscopy Group investigates decay modes that occur only in very neutron-rich nuclei and in highly-charged ions with no or only a few electrons.

In Germany the ILIMA (Isomers, LIfetimes, and MAsses) collaboration operates several detectors in the existing storage rings at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt and is building new devices for operation at the new radioactive-beam facility FAIR. The experimental setups that are presently used for our research are two multi-purpose particle detectors (CsISiPHOS [CsISilicon Particle detector for Heavy ions Orbiting in Storage rings] and PLEIADES [ParticLE sIlicon-scintillAtor DEtector for Storage rings]) which can be installed at the Experimental Storage Ring.

Between 2016-2021 the BRIKEN (Beta-delayed neutrons at RIKEN) collaboration has operated the worlds’ most efficient neutron detector array at RIKEN Nishina Center to measure half-lives and neutron-branching ratios of very short-lived nuclei at the border of the chart of nuclides.