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TRIUMF 20-year Vision Development Plan: Guiding Questions

To help guide the 20-year Vision Development Plan, each Topical Group will be asked to solicit input to address the following questions in the context of their respective topical perspectives. The questions will also form the basis of an online survey to the broad community. 

  • What is TRIUMF today?
      • What does it do?
      • What might be its differentiators (“unfair advantages”) in the future?
  • What trends and changes will shape TRIUMF’s future?
  • What will TRIUMF be?
      • Is TRIUMF a site, an idea, a governance model, a network hub?
      • What role will TRIUMF play in Canada's S&T ecosystem and why?
  • What will TRIUMF have accomplished?
      • What achievements will we be proud of within Science & Technology, People Skills, and Innovation & Collaboration?
      • What would headlines be in 10 and 20 years that you would want to see about TRIUMF?
      • How will TRIUMF have contributed to major societal challenges?
  • What will TRIUMF be doing and what will TRIUMF not be doing anymore?
      • What will TRIUMF be doing if there were no funding constraints?
      • What are the priorities for TRIUMF activities?
      • What activities capture the interest and imagination of the general public?
      • Which program elements or facilities will we have stopped because they havebeen completed or to make space for new initiatives?
  • What will TRIUMF look like?
      • What buildings & infrastructures will be on the site?
      • Will there be more than one site?
      • What will TRIUMF’s organization and its community look like?