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The TRIUMF Community Fund


As your Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (EDIC), we want to help you shape a culture of 
equity, diversity, and inclusion here at TRIUMF. Applications are now open fothe TRIUMF Community Fund. 

The TRIUMF Community Fund is an EDIC initiative designed to help us put our Values of Equity & Inclusion into practice. Successful applicants will be given a one-time allocation of funds to support community-led projects/initiatives that foster a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Projects/initiatives that could be supported by the fund include: 

  • A lunch and learn about inclusive language 

  • A guest speaker on EDI 

The Community Fund will not cover:

  • Conference fees 

  • Events hosted by outside organizations 

  • Projects/initiatives that do not support equity, diversity, and inclusion 

Read more about the approved projects from our first round of applications.


Selection Criteria 

  • Clear identification of the participants (i.e. who the project/initiative is for?) 

  • Clear description of the proposed project/initiative and identification of how it would increase visibility, understanding, support, and pride for our diverse TRIUMF community, and for our values of Equity & Inclusion 

  • Explanation of how this project/initiative is expected to positively impact the group and the broader TRIUMF community 

  • Clear description of what success looks like for this project/initiative and how it will be assessed 

  • Viable description of how this project/initiative can be sustained moving forward 


Funds Available 

  • Successful applicants will receive a one-time allocation of funds 

  • Funds must be used within a six (6) month period 

  • The amount awarded will depend on the number of approved projects per quarter 

  • We encourage you to seek out additional funding partners to help sustain your project 




How do I apply? 

Download and fill out the application form and submit it to Be sure to refer to our Selection Criteria when writing your application to ensure you are including all the necessary information. 

Who can apply for the Community Fund? 

Anyone who identifies as a member of the TRIUMF community is welcome to apply.  

When are applications due? 

Applications are accepted year-round; however, we recommend that you submit your applications one quarter before your plan to host your event/initiate your project. This ensures that we have ample time to review your application. 

What if I have a last-minute idea for an event? Can I still apply? 

Yes, you can still apply for the Community Fund! While we cannot guarantee that it will be approved before your event, we’ll do our best to review your application as soon as possible. 

How many times can I apply? 

You can apply as many times as you like, just keep in mind that EDIC will award funding on a needs basis. So, if you’ve already had one or two ideas funded already, we may look to other applicants to make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate. 

My application was accepted – what happens now? 

Congratulations! A member of EDIC will reach out to you to confirm your acceptance and go over some of our terms with you. 

My application was rejected – what do I do? 

All is not lost! You are welcome to revise your application and reapply. You can also reach out to EDIC if you’d like some help during your revision.  

What if I change my mind after my application is approved? 

Please let us know ASAP if you no longer wish to use the Community Fund for your project.  

How will I receive funds for my event/project? 

You will be reimbursed the previously-agreed upon amount from the fund. Submit your receipts to EDIC for reimbursement. Please note that any expenses beyond what was agreed upon will not be reimbursed.  

What if I want to host the same event next year? 

If you’d like to host the same event again next year, you will need to submit another application to EDIC for review. The Community Fund offers a one-time allocation of funding, which means that repeat events are not guaranteed approval.  


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