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Awards, Fellowships, and Exchanges

TRIUMF offers a suite of awards that offer budding and early-career scientists an opportunity to conduct research at our world class facilities.

For graduating high school and undergraduate students, these awards offer the research-career curious an opportunity to experience a real-life research environment. For graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, these awards offer a chance to further their growing research careers alongside scientists and students from around the world.

Follow the links below to learn more about these exciting programs.  If you have any further questions about these awards, contact marcello [at] triumf [dot] ca.

Young Engineers and Scientists Fellowship

The TRIUMF Young Engineers and Scientists (YES!) Fellowship was known formerly as the TRIUMF High School Fellowship.

The YES Fellowship program offers six-week summer research experiences at to graduating secondary students in British Columbia entering their first year at a recognized post-secondary institution. Every year a minimum of three student placements are offered.

The intent of the YES Fellowship is to motivate graduating students with a passionate interest in science to pursue a research career by offering them the opportunity to experience a real life laboratory environment. 

Erich Vogt First Year Summer Research Experience

The Erich Vogt First Year Summer Research Experience (FYSRE, pronounced phyzzer, as in physics) is a program offering summer research experiences to budding academic stars after their First Year Physics courses at the University of British Columbia. Awardees will receive an opportunity for paid work experience for a minimum of 14 weeks in Physics or Astronomy research at UBC or TRIUMF.

The award is supported by an endowment fund with the UBC Development Office.



Richard E. Azuma Undergraduate Summer Fellowship

The Richard E. Azuma Fellowship is intended to support promising undergraduate students iCanada who are considering a career in research fields associated with TRIUMF’s science program.  They will be students who are known amongst peers and teachers as exceptional individuals with a demonstrated track record of talent, passion, and leadership. 

Two Fellowships will be awarded each year to students attending one of TRIUMF’s Member Universities. Students are eligible to hold the Fellowship at TRIUMF in the summer before their final graduating year. 

Fellows who later elect to attend graduate school at one of TRIUMF’s Member Universities will be eligible for a $5000CAD entrance scholarship.

To hold TRIUMF's values of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and to fulfill our commitment to our Strategic Plan to actively recruit members of underrepresented groups who have experienced historically and/or current barriers to equity. We encourage applications from members of the following groups: Indigenous peoples, women, racialised persons, persons with a disability and persons of marginalized sexual orientation, gender identities and gender expresssions.


The Vijay Verma Scholar Award for TRIUMF Undergraduates

Funded through the Vijay and Shiksha Verma Family Endowment Fund, the Vijay Verma Scholar Award will recognize one outstanding undergraduate student per year working at TRIUMF in the fields of engineering (specifically in the areas of accelerators and detectors), project management, computer science, or life science. The award builds on the Verma family’s decades-long dedication to TRIUMF and its legacy of empowering student training and educational opportunities.



Shelley Page Graduate Student Scholarship

The Shelley Page Scholarship is intended to support outstanding female students in Canada who are entering graduate studies at one of TRIUMF's Member Universities. The students will be primarily resident at TRIUMF and will undertake a research field associated with TRIUMF's program.

The Scholarship comes with a $6000CAD annual award, for up to two years for Masters students and four years for Doctorate students.

To hold TRIUMF's values of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and to fulfill our commitment to our Strategic Plan, the Shelley Page Scholarship is offered to students who identify as women.

Michael Craddock Graduate Student Endowment Award

The Mike Craddock Endowment Award enables graduate students who work primarily at TRIUMF to travel to conferences, schools, or workshops related to accelerator science.Two awards of up to $3000 per year will be designated each year for second-year or higher level graduate students who are either attending classes at TRIUMF or completing graduate work at the laboratory.



Carl H Westscott Graduate Student Fellowship

The Carl H. Westcott Fellowship is awarded each year to a graduate student whose research work is being carried out at TRIUMF or on TRIUMF-related projects. The Fellowship is tenable at any university whose faculty members are actively engaged in research at TRIUMF.  The Westcott Fellowship is administered by the Physics Department at the University of Alberta.


Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship is a prestigious two year appointment at TRIUMF with a possible one-year extension. Competitive with similar appointments offered at other national laboratories and leading universities around the world, the fellowship is a unique position offered to exceptional young researchers seeking to advance their work in any area of TRIUMF’s broad research program including: Accelerator Science, Life Sciences, Molecular & Materials Science, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Theory. The appointment also recognizes the fellow’s outstanding achievements with opportunities to enhance the visibility of his or her research both within their field and the scientific community at large.

Canadian Government Scholarships and Fellowships

The Canadian federal government offers scholarships and fellowships for every stage of study, from undergraduate to postdoctoral.

Follow the links below for more information.

* NSERC Students and Fellows (undergraduate, graduate, post-doc)
* Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (graduate)
* Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships  (post-doc)

TRIUMF-KEK Exchange Program for Early Career Researchers

KEK (Japan’s High-Energy Accelerator Research Organization) and TRIUMF have jointly establised the KEK-TRIUMF Exchange Program for Early Career Researchers (EPECR). The EPECR is a researcher and student exchange program that promotes the development of up and comers who will play a key role in accelerator science and its related fields. It provides early career researchers affiliated to either of the two institutes with the opportunity of performing research activities at the other institute, enriching both the Japanese and Canadian science and innovation landscapes. 

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