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Career Profile: Graduate Research Assistants

TRIUMF's world-class laboratory offers graduate students an exceptional research environment in which to develop their skills under the guidance of leading scientists and engineers.

University students from within Canada and abroad who are registered full-time in a relevant faculty of study are eligible for Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) appointments at TRIUMF. GRA's are generally supported by the student's supervisor's research grant, and the research assignments are usually directly related to the student's graduate degree requirements, either at the M.Sc. or Ph.D. level.

Many university professors have research grants for projects being conducted at TRIUMF, and many others are involved in collaborative research experiments at TRIUMF. These professors are normally able to recommend a GRA at TRIUMF.

In addition to helping TRIUMF meet its research objectives, these appointments offer grad students:

  • An opportunity to receive a monthly stipend to help meet the cost of their studies
  • An opportunity to conduct research directly related to their thesis
  • An opportunity to be involved in volunteer or community activities at TRIUMF
  • Assist TRIUMF in meeting its research objectives
Graduate students interested in an appointment at TRIUMF should meet with their professors to discuss opportunities.
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Graduate-level international students wishing to obtain GRA positions at TRIUMF for the purposes of completing their theses must have their supervisor's support and, ideally, be a student at an international university or affiliated institution which has an established research collaboration or agreement with TRIUMF.

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In addition to job specific requirements, these are some of the skills and attributes we look for in our Graduate Research Assistants:

  • Integrity
  • Spirit of collaboration and ability to work as part of a team
  • Willingness to participate in TRIUMF's outreach initiatives in the local community
  • Working towards a Masters or Ph.D. in a field related to TRIUMF's research program
  • Demonstrated ability in initiating, conducting, evaluating, and reporting research studies
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Here's what our Graduate Research Assistants are saying...

"As a graduate student at TRIUMF, I have the opportunity to participate in first-class experiments. Research at the limit of mankind's knowledge is totally fascinating to me. I can contribute my knowledge and gain new experience in the exchange with other scientists. At TRIUMF I am constantly learning new skills and expanding my knowledge about our universe."

- Thomas Brunner, TITAN Graduate Research Assistant

"I was at TRIUMF for just over two years as a graduate student and had a great time. The technicians and support staff were extremely helpful and I found the Researchers here to be very friendly and insightful. It was very stimulating to be in close contact with research from a variety of fields in experimental physics, especially with those not directly related to my field of study."

- Charles Clements, LXPET Graduate Research Assistant

"It is very exciting to work at TRIUMF. You get to participate in so many experiments and projects other than your own and you have time to learn how every component of an experiment is set up and works. This breadth of knowledge is hard to gain elsewhere."

- Naomi Galinski, EMMA Graduate Research Assistant

"I have gained a lot of experience and insight through my interactions with technicians and physicists at TRIUMF. Being able to work on the site of the experiment has been a great learning experience."

- Chloe Malbrunot, PIENU Graduate Research Assistant