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Past Community Events


January 18-19TRIUMF at the #BCTECH Summit
December 13IsoSiM and UBC PHAS perform at the Faraday Science Show @ UBC
December 2

Public Lecture at Perimeter Institute with Dr. Paul Schaffer, "Get a half-life: Isotopes as the Unlikely Heroes of Modern Medicine"

November 25-27

7th Canadian Science Policy Conference

October 28

Dr. Thomas Procter at the Richmond Public Library: Science, Technology and Innovation public lecture series on Lasers (in response to the “Not a Bright Idea” Safety Campaign)

October 2PhD Comic Movie at SFU Harbour Centre
September 26-27Community Science Celebration
September 25Global Physics Photowalk 2015
September 19Wesbrook Community Village
September 16"In the search of first light" – Unveiling the Universe Lecture
September 12UNA Barn Raising
July 7SNOLAB's Chris Jilling "The Search for Dark Matter" Unveiling the Universe Lecture
May 26NerdNite Vancouver with Grant Minor
April 17-18Alan Astbury Symposium
March 10Presentation at the University Neighbourhood Association Board
March 9Claire David and Nick Zacchia for the Richmond Public Library S&T Forum
February - March2014 Photowalk Exhibit at Science World


October 18TRIUMF's 3rd Photowalk
October 15Compagnie Gilles Jobin: QUANTUM special seminar
July 18Makoto Fujiwara's "What's the matter with antimatter?" – Unveiling the Universe lecture
May 24UBC Alumni Weekend – tours at TRIUMF 
May 17Dr. Makoto Fujiwara and Dr. Joe Mildenberger for the Richmond Public Library S&T Forum
May 16Particle Fever Film at Vancouver Interntional Film Festival
May 07Rocky Kolb's "From the Quantum to the Cosmos" Unveiling the Universe lecture
April 19 - May 16
AIR Spring Exhibit at Science World and Emily Carr University
December 09 Presentation at the monthly UNA Board Meeting with Jim Hanlon & Joe Mildenberger
November 27 Dr. Paul Schaffer "Medicine Accelerated"Unveiling the Universe lecture
October 04Vancouver International Film Festival & TRIUMF present "Particle Fever"
September 28 TRIUMF Community Open House and article with photos
September 17 UNA Barn Raising
September 10 Wesbrook Village Festival
August 27TRIUMF and ECUAD, "Common Ground" lecture
July 12Dr. Hitoshi Murayama "Mysteries of the Quantum Universe"Unveiling the Universe lecture
June 20 Science & Technology Gala at TRIUMF
May 25UBC Alumni Weekend with TRIUMF tours
May 9Europe Day Symposium with EuroFest BC Society
May 7DOXA Film Festival & TRIUMF present "The Circle"
April 3Sam Sullivan's Public Salon with Particle Physicist Anadi Canepa
February 20Dr. Lyn Evans "Building the LHC"Unveiling the Universe lecture
September 22Wesbrook Community Festival
September 20Global Photowalk 
September 8Old Barn "'50s swing" Community Barn Raising
July 4Higgs Open House
May 12Science Rendezvous at UBC
April & May TRIUMF/Emily Carr Art Gallery @ Science World
JanuaryScience Inspired Art Gallery 
February 16-20AAAS Conference & Family Science Days
October 22BC Teacher's Professional Development day at TRIUMF
September 11TRIUMF's "Country Fair" Style Physics @ UNA Barn Raising
August 7Global Photowalk
October 24Science in the Movies Night featuring "The Atom Smashers"
September 12TRIUMF at the UNA's Barn Raising Open House
September 26Nigel Lockyer - Vancouver Institute Talk
August 8TRIUMF's 40th Birthday Bash - Open House
May 22Angels & Demons Lecture Series
2005World Year of Physics