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Visitor Program FAQ

  • I have read the website and still have questions about visitor registration

    The PIF&NIF group has created a very comprehensive website for their users describing the process that for the most part applies equally well to all visitors.  Please refer to it for further information.  

    If you still have questions, please contact Reception at 604-222-1047 or by email.

  • My Visit Authorization has run out!  What do I do?

    It is not possible to retroactively extend a visitor's authorization end date after it has passed.  It would be necessary for the TRIUMF Contact/Host to start a new Authorization request.

  • I would like to change my Electronic-only access to Full-Site access.  What should I do?

    The visitor's Contact/Host should cancel the Electronic-only (EO) visit (by putting in an immediate end date), and start a new Full Access authorization. Visitors requesting access to the TRIUMF site must complete some compulsory training beforehand, which must be verified by EH&S and Reception before a dosimeter and an access card are made available.  The way the system works, simply changing the access from EO to Full will NOT trigger the requisite notifcations to the visitor about this training, so the visitor may miss them and arrive at TRIUMF without an access card or dosimeter ready.   However, starting a new Full access authorization WILL trigger these notifications, letting the visitor know exactly what they must do.

  • Help! I am having trouble setting up my MultiFactor Authentication (MFA).

    You are not alone - this is the biggest issue with new visitor authorizations. Try these troubleshoting measures:
    • Ensure you are using your TRIDENT credentials  <username> 
    • Use private/incognito mode on your web browser.   
    • Use a different browser that you use for nothing else.   This, and incognito mode, prevents private data and broswer history from being used, which can mess up the MFA process.
    • If you are still having difficulty, visit the IS&T MFA page.

  • [new] Does my TRIDENT account <username> get me an email account at TRIUMF?

    Yes.  By default, your TRIDENT <username> gets you a TRIUMF email address plus access to select web-only Microsoft office applications (e.g. Outlook). The account does not permit downloading Office365 desktop applications. 
    • If you do not wish to check your TRIUMF email via the web-based Outlook app, consider forwarding the email to your regular account, or connect to the TRIUMF email server in your desktop email client (e.g. Thunderbird). 

  • I used my TRIDENT account <username> to log into the visitor/Helpdesk system, but it didn't work!

    Confusingly, when logging into the TRIUMF visitor system or Helpdesk, one uses just the <username> part of the TRIDENT, omitting the "" part.  The password is the same TRIDENT password.

    In contrast, the entire TRIDENT <username> is required when logging into applications like Workday and the TRIUMF VPN.

    Another reason could be that you are trying to log in with your previous TRIDENT account before it was reactivated after a previous authorization expired.   Please wait until you receive your TRIDENT reactivation notification before attepting to access TRIUMF online services. 

  • I have questions about using the TRIUMF Virtual Private Network.

    You are not alone.  Refer to the TRIUMF VPN page for more information.

  • I have Electronic Only authorization.  Can I visit the TRIUMF site?

    No, only visitors with Full Site  or MOB only (main office building) access rights can visit the TRIUMF site. 

    If you have Electronic Only authorization and wish to visit the TRIUMF site, you must alert your TRIUMF Contact to log into the TRIUMF visitor system and change your Site Access Requirements setting to Full Site Access (behind the fence) if you wish to enter the TRIUMF experimental areas, or  Main office building if you intend on only visiting the main administration building.  Visitors cannot change their own Site Access
    but instead must ask their TRIUMF Contact to do so.

  • [new] I’m trying to upload my vaccination information to Thrive but I get an error message when putting in the last four digits of my phone number.

    Thrive is no longer required for visitors to access the site

  • Who do I contact if I want to come to TRIUMF?

    There are a a number of people you can contact depending on your activities here.  In general, if you have been in contact with anyone at TRIUMF regarding your prposed visit, that person can help you.   If there is no such contact, consider starting here:

  • I have been assigned training  (for example “Working in Exclusion Areas”) but when I try to complete it says: “This Assement will take place with an Assessor”, what does it mean?

    This course will be done in-person after you arrive at TRIUMF.  Get in touch with your TRIUMF contact person to schedule this training during the first few days of your visit, before your activities at TRIUMF commence.

  • I had a TRIDENT account, ...
    • is it still active?
      • Depends.  It remains active only during your visit authorization period.  Generally, your TRIDENT becomes inactive the day after your authorization expires.
    • but I don't remember my username or password.
    • but I am having trouble with my login.
  • Training I’ve taken before doesn’t show in Workday, why not?

    This is likely due to that training being completed PRIOR to the introduction of Workday in October 2021 for learning management.  Please contact the IST team via the TRUMF helpdesk.