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Visitor Program FAQ

  • Help! I am having trouble setting up my MultiFactor Authentication (MFA).

    You are not alone - this is the biggest issue with new visitor authorizations.  Try these troubleshoting measures:
    • Ensure you are using your TRIDENT credentials  <username> 
    • Use private/incognito mode on your web browser.   
    • Use a different browser that you use for nothing else.   This, and incognito mode, prevents private data and broswer history from being used, which can mess up the MFA process.
    • If you are still having difficulty, visit the IS&T MFA page.

  • Does my TRIDENT account <username> get me an email account at TRIUMF?

    No.  By default, your TRIDENT <username> looks like an email address, but it's actually just an account name  or username  used to log into TRIUMF online services, like Workday.  If you need a TRIUMF email for your visit, you must request it separately from the TRIUMF Helpdesk system.

  • I used my TRIDENT account <username> to log into the visitor/Helpdesk system, but it didn't work!

    Confusingly, when logging into the TRIUMF visitor system or Helpdesk, one uses just the <username> part of the TRIDENT, omitting the "" part.  The password is the same TRIDENT password.

    In contrast, the entire TRIDENT <username> is required when logging into applications like Workday and the TRIUMF VPN.

    Another reason could be that you are trying to log in with your previous TRIDENT account before it was reactivated after a previous authorization expired.   Please wait until you receive your TRIDENT reactivation notification before attepting to access TRIUMF online services. 

  •  I have Electronic Only authorization.  Can I visit the TRIUMF site?

    No, only visitors with Full Site  or MOB only (main office building) access rights can visit the TRIUMF site. 

    If you have Electronic Only authorization and wish to visit the TRIUMF site, you must alert your TRIUMF Contact to log into the TRIUMF visitor system and change your Site Access Requirements setting to Full Site Access (behind the fence) if you wish to enter the TRIUMF experimental areas, or  Main office building if you intend on only visiting the main administration building.  Visitors cannot change their own Site Access Requirement but instead must ask their TRIUMF Contact to do so.