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Student Stories Jessica Bohm named co-op of the year at University of Waterloo, Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science 26 April 2024 Last month, former TRIUMF co-op student, Jessica Bohm, was named co-op of the year at University of Waterloo in the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science.
Experimental Result New tools in nuclear astrophysics toolbox enable novel alpha-n studies for DRAGON and EMMA 06 February 2024 In the fascinating realm of nuclear physics, two sister facilities, DRAGON (ISAC-I) and EMMA (ISAC-II), have been making strides in advancing our understanding of nuclear reactions and their astrophysical implications, including how and at what rate elements are formed within different life stages of stars, including their deaths in powerful explosions. 
Student Stories TRIUMF welcomes annual recipients of Richard E. Azuma Fellowship 19 May 2023 TRIUMF would like to welcome Ashley Ferreira and Claire Hamilton, this year’s recipients of the Richard E. Azuma Undergraduate Summer Fellowship.
Student Stories TRIUMF co-ops take home Outstanding Presentation Awards at annual Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics 30 January 2023 As part of the annual Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWiP), TRIUMF co-op students Madeleine Berube and Emma Raleigh-Smith were awarded the "Outstanding Presentation Award" for their presentations Detection systems and data analysis in the n-rich region and TIGRESS and gamma-ray spectroscopy. 
Student Stories Checking in with TRIUMF’s FYSRE awardees 26 August 2022 It’s time again to check in with this year’s awardees of the Erich Vogt First Year Summer Research Experience (FYSRE)!
Experimental Result IRIS provides a glimpse of deformation in helium-8 16 November 2021 New TRIUMF research from the Saint Mary’s University-led IRIS group has unveiled an unexpected shape deformation in the nucleus of helium-8, providing further insight into the unique dynamics of how neutron-rich nuclei take shape and maintain stability. 
Experimental Result Canadian-built laser chills antimatter to near absolute zero for first time 30 March 2021 TRIUMF, UBC, and the wider contingent of researchers have leveraged a one-of-a-kind, made-in-Canada laser to achieve world’s first manipulation and cooling of antimatter by laser. 
Student Stories TRIUMF Welcomes Three FYSRE Winners 02 July 2019 TRIUMF is thrilled to welcome the recipients of this year’s Erich Vogt First Year Summer Research Experience (FYSRE). All three students chose to work with a researcher at TRIUMF for their four-month term.
Experimental Result Precision measurement of the proton’s weak charge narrows the search for new physics 09 May 2018 TRIUMF research scientist Dr. Willem T.H. van Oers, who led TRIUMF’s contribution to the Q-weak experiment, notes that the collaboration is using high-precision measurements to stress-test Standard Model predictions 
Experimental Result Behaviour of exotic titanium isotopes confounds expectations 27 February 2018 To probe 'closed shell' effects surrounding elements with 32 neutrons, a team at TRIUMF produced exotic, radioactive forms of titanium and weighed them with the ultra-precise mass spectrometers at TRIUMF’s Ion Trap for Atomic and Nuclear Science (TITAN) facility. 


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